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Zone of plate load machine

Zone of plate load machine

Exclusive attention to the new "Impulse IT Blackpearlseries" line. New design, perfect biomechanical movement and incredibly pleasant experience when working even with a large load. More than 30 different simulators for your effective workouts.

Functional area

Functional area

Functional area IMPULSE 360 ° - the area which includes: a stretching section, a boxing section, a ball beater, multi-functional bar racks (more than 30 exercises can be performed), a jumping platform, parallels, a multifunctional barbell app, wall climbing, gymnastic rings and etc.

Free weights

Free weights

One of the largest MIGHTY barbell and dumbbell zones in Belarus. A professional and a novice will end up here.

Cardio zone

Cardio zone

Even the most sophisticated lovers of cardio loads will not pass by our innovative and cozy cardio zone. More than 40 different cardio-vascular machines are available for you.


Sometimes, to make the first confident step on the way to a beautiful and healthy body, we need just a little more. We know how to take this step quickly, and help your loved ones or friends. A gift certificate to the gym is a great present and a great chance to take care of yourself in a room that is perfectly equipped for sports. To order a certificate or leave a request for a promotional subscription, call:+375 29 336-00-80
or inTelegram.

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Frequently asked questions

You can pay for the services on our website without leaving your home or at the terminal at the entrance to the fitness club. You need to choose a suitable subscription and click the "Buy Online" button. With the help of Visa or MasterCard bank cards, you can quickly and safely pay for our services (WEBPAY system supports modern security technologies - 3D Secure and Micropayment). After payment, the activation code will be sent to the email address provided during the registration. The received code must be entered into a special window on our terminal at the entrance to the fitness club. Register your fingerprint in the system, go through the turnstile and start using our services.

The gym is open around the clock, seven days a week (24/7). All our subscriptions are not limited by the number of visits and time of stay in the club.

The possibility of "freezing" can be applied to subscriptions for 6 and 12 months. “Freezing” is carried out by a preliminary message from the client to the fitness club email -

The 24-hour entrance to the gym is available through the door from Pobediteley ave.

Club staff are certified instructors whom you can address for personal trainings.

- make sure that your card supports payments via the Internet, and the 3-D Secure protocol is connected. For more information, please contact your service bank.

To activate the subscription a Client is given 30 calendar days. If during the specified period the Client does not activate his/her subscription, it is activated automatically.

Subscriptions for 12 months can be purchased by three installments. Registration is made on site - just your passport is required! 


To work as a non-resident coach in our club, you need a copy of an individual entrepreneur certificate and experience in sports and fitness services provision.

Type of coaching ticket - no limit for 1 month.

Coaching subscription allows its holder to work with any client on the coach’s terms.

The cost of subscription for non-resident coaches depends on the number of personal clients listed:

  • 10+ clients - the cost of the subscription will be 150 rubles,
  • 5 to 9 clients - the cost of the subscription will be 250 rubles,
  • up to 5 people - the cost of the subscription will be 500 rubles.

Pobediteley Ave. 84 ("ARENA City" Shopping and Entertainment Center)
Minsk, Belarus


Phone:+375 29 336-00-80

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